ATI INTERCO designs, manufactures and commercializes complete connectivity solutions, a range of connectors for printed circuitsand interfaces, custom connectorsbackshells and a large range of cabling components and circular or rectangular connectors accessories.


From the first design phase we use validated, tested technologies combined in innovative and pertinent ways to ensure the reliability, security and ergonomics of our customers’ harsh environment electrical systems.


ATI-INTERCO  principal markets are civil and military avionics and spacedefense, (missiles, marine, ground based & communications), rail transport and signaling, and all industries using electrical connectors in harsh environments like nuclear energy.


ATI-INTERCO produces connectors for printed circuits (board to board connectors), modular miniature connectors (mixed layout connectors with signal, coaxial and power contacts), RF connectorsfiltered and shielded connectors…. Our non-catalogue products are designed and manufactured to stringent customer specifications (custom design connectors). It also manufactures backshells for circular and rectangular connectors in standard sizes and to individual customer specifications, junction boxes, a vast range of cabling components, as well as circular connectors and high performance interconnection systems for custom applications.