FCT Products

Produce and design D-Sub Connectors: Standard, Filter, Dual port, IDC Ribbon, High Density, Mixed Layout with High Power or High Voltage or Coax Contacts. Hoods and special Accessories, an enormous number of variations. FCT also produce D-Sub Connectors with stainless steel shell. FCT produce many types of adapter for D3899 connector.


  • Metal and plastic hoods for D-Sub
  • Non-magnetic hoods
  • Plastic hoods metallised
  • Locking systems and Accessories
  • CANBus Connectors
  • Overmoulded Cables


D-Sub Standard, Mixed Layout and High Density Connectors
SMT/THT/THR Connectors
Low-Profile Connectors
µTCA Connectors
Crimp Connectors
IDC Ribbon Connectors
Dualport Connectors
Waterproof Connectors
EN 60603/DIN 41612 Connectors
Shielded Right Angled Adapter
eMobility Charging Connectors
Accessories for D-Sub Connectors

Coaxial Contacts 50 Ohm/75 Ohm
SMA, SMB, MCX,MMCX, F Coaxial Contacts
High Power Contacts
High Voltage Contacts
Pneumatic Contacts
Crimp Contacts

Tools for D-SUB and MIL

Insertion and Extraction Tools
DMC Crimping Tools
Repair of Crimping Tools

MIL Connectors and Circular Connectors

Adapter for Circular Connectors
Shielded Adapter


Avdor as FCT’s partner will serve you for engineering consulting and any modification on the D-Sub connectors according to your requirements.

Avdor will adapt the best total solution to your needs.
Avdor’s added value together with FCT’s capabilities will supply the product you need.