Multi-Contact Products

Leading manufacturer of electrical contacts and connectors for Industrial, Automatic Systems, Medical, Renewable Energy and Test& Measurement, Customizes solutions for special applications based on MC Multilam technology. Connectors, cables and junction boxes for photovoltaic systems and solar panels.


Industrial Connectors

High-performance industrial connectors are designed for severe requirements in industrial environments.Equipped with our tried and tested MC Multilam they offer lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density.power connectors find use in a wide range of applications such as power generation and distribution, rack and panel applications, machine control systems, mobile transformers and many more.Wherever high currents need to be safely transmitted through a removable electrical connection MC industrial connectors should be your preferred choice.


Connectors for Automatic Systems

Multi-Contact connector systems designed for the specific requirements of automated production facilities. Applications include manually or automatically actuated multi-couplings for docking systems, automated assembly lines, tool change systems for machining and molding equipment, and robotics. Small in size but big in performance, our automatic systems connectors feature a rugged and reliable design specifically engineered for high mating frequencies. Equipped with MC Multilam Technology for lowest contact resistance and extremely high current density.


Connectors for Renewable Energies

Illegal imitations of our MC3 and MC4 connectors keep appearing on the market. On the outside, they are hard to tell from the original, but technical comparisons often reveal serious deficiencies in the quality of counterfeits. The lack of safety-relevant characteristics such as UV resistance and density (IP67) harbours potential risks and may result in damage to or failure of the installation or even fire. For safety reasons, Multi-Contact advises against using any copied products.


Medical  Connectors

In medical technology the reliability of all components is a particularly crucial factor – in intensive care units, for instance, human life often depends directly on the performance of the connected medical equipment. special product line for electromedical equipment has been developed using our know-how in developing and manufacturing safety products for test and measurement, and recognizing the specific requirements of the medical industry. Featuring our unique MC Multilam Technology and gold-plated contact elements, MC medical connectors provide for the very highest dependability and corrosion resistance. MC connectors are suited for steam sterilization, and are also available


Test & Measurement

Over the last four decades, Multi-Contact – and namely its subsidiary in Essen, Germany (formerly HCK) – has become a synonym for safe, high quality test accessories worldwide. Whether for testing, measuring or diagnosis of components and systems, MC innovative test accessories offer you the performance, dependability and repeatability you need. MC Test & Measurement product family includes our complete line of insulated test accessories that meet and exceed today’s stringent safety requirements, MC test accessories for high-frequency engineering, as well as our wide range of highly flexible wire.


Multilam & Special

Among the countless types of electrical connectors from signal currents up to extremely high currents, MC Multilams stand out on the strength of excellent performance. The MC Multilam, cornerstone of MC contact technology, has virtually unlimited applications due to. its design flexibility and advanced features. The MC Multilam forms a contact cage inserted between two contact surfaces


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